Monday, October 5, 2009

Guest Speakers, The Politics of Food

We currently have three speakers lined up for The Politics of Food. Each speaker will give a brief introduction to the issues they're concerned with, and participate in the discussion that follows. Our speakers are:

Lynn MacLaren, MLC, The Greens (WA)
Lynn's work spans a wide range of portfolios, including food and GMOs. She has recently been active in campaigning against changes to WA's agricultural policy which allow the introduction of GM crop trials.

Louise Edmonds, Coconvenor, Fremantle Environmental Resource Network
Louise will be speaking about her personal education surrounding the politics of food, including her experiences visiting farms in India and working with Dr Vandana Shiva. She will also give a brief introduction to FERN's work.

Sky Croeser, UWA, Bluestocking Institute
I will be giving a short guide to the complex relationship between our choices as consumers and the global structures of food production.

While each speaker will introduce some fascinating points for discussion, ultimately the evening depends on your participation. We hope that everyone who comes down will feel comfortable talking about their own experiences and areas of expertise, and asking questions of others. Hope to see you there!

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