Thursday, February 3, 2011

Launch: Bluestocking Institute Discussion Group

The Bluestocking Institute is launching its discussion group and all are invited! Gatherings will be held on the second Sunday of each month. Participants are invited to discuss events, publications, movies and anything else linked to the pursuit of social justice.

The first session will be held on Sunday the 13th February at 5pm at the Moon Cafe (323 William St Northbridge). The central topic is ‘The role of the media in the Egyptian uprising’. The following articles and commentaries provide a starting point for discussion:

Please RSVP on our Bluestocking Facebook page or email Sky if you have any questions


  1. There was an interesting 730Report programme on the Egyptian uprising
    Does anyone know much about what happened in Tunisia? Or any background on it?

  2. We covered a range of topics at the discussion group today- from the Egyptian uprising, to the 'internet kill switch', to the role of Wiki leaks, and the status of women.

    One of the issues that came up that really interested me was the status of women in Egypt. We discussed the strange contradiction that there are many well known, empowered Egyptian women, but that Egypt has one of the world's highest female circumcision rates.

    There is a very interesting movie coming out this week at the Perth film festival if anyone is interested- it is called Desert Flower, and it is based on a true story. If I get the chance to see it, I’ll post up what I think about it.