Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Globalisation: Another World Is Possible?"
UWA Extension Course open for enrolment now!

The Bluestocking Institute is offering the course "Globalisation: Another World Is Possible?" via UWA Extensions, on Wed nights for 4 wks starting October 5th. Enrolments are now open at All welcome!

Globalisation : Another World Is Possible?

The course, “Globalisation: Another world is possible”, seeks to give participants a deeper understanding of globalisation. From the anti-globalisation protests in Seattle to the role of Wiki leaks in the recent Egyptian uprising, we ask: How is globalisation changing the world, and how does this affect our everyday lives?

The course is composed of four weekly, two-hour sessions that will investigate globalisation’s various faces; from the rise of terrorism and the role of the internet, to the infiltration of Coke and McDonalds to the four corners of the globe. The course will include an overview of the major issues and debates, with some real life accounts and examples of globalisation in action. Each session will end with a casual group discussion around some tea and snacks, where participants are encouraged to explore and share their ideas.

Week 1: The Global Economy

Week 2: The Environment

Week 3: New Media

Week 4: The Future of a Globalised World

Presented by: Sky Croeser, Kelly Gerard and Michelle Hackett

Location: UWA Extensions, Claremont, WA

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