Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Book Launch for Unspeakable: A Feminist Ethic of Speech


By Betty McLellan

This is a book about speech and the silencing of speech; about who gets to speak and who does not; about who is listened to and who is ignored. Otherwise Publications

Do all citizens have equal access to speech and equal opportunity to be heard - men and women, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, rich and poor, governments and citizens, multinational companies and struggling workers?

In her new book Unspeakable: a feminist ethic of speech Betty McLellan draws on the accumulated knowledge of feminist historians and researchers, and concludes that women continue to be silenced in every nation on earth through:

Violence: domestic violence, rape, militarism, terrorism, war.

Subordination: through fundamentalism, pornography, prostitution, trafficking, poverty.

Exclusion: the silencing of women’s analysis and opinions, and the silencing of all but a few token women from national and international decision-making.


6.30-8.30pm Thursday 28th October 2010

Edmund Rice Institute
24 High St, Fremantle (roundhouse end)

Entry free

Refreshments provided RSVP by 15th October georgistone@ozemail.com.au or tel: 9337 6413

Also showing “The Face, Heart & Feet of Feminism” slideshow presentation.

Dr Betty McLellan is Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Social Work and Community Welfare at James Cook University in Townsville. She is a feminist ethicist, author, psychotherapist and committed activist of long standing. Her previous books have been well received around the world, the most recent of which has been published in thirteen languages.

“Reports of the death of feminism by those who would benefit from its demise are grossly exaggerated… Feminism is not dead but, as with other important social movements agitating for justice around the world, there have been serious attempts to silence the voice of feminism”. Betty McLellan