Monday, March 16, 2009

The Age of Enterprise?

Just a short observation on the economic crisis. Does anyone else note the irony in the marketing opportunities generated by this crisis? It seems 'economic crisis' can be applied in all sorts of marketing/advertising applications.

Only tonight, I have driven past a local gourmet food store that has professionally produced (i.e. a proper banner not just a handwritten sign) roadside flag advertising the availability of 'economic crisis meals.'

I also have it on good authority that Optus are using this tactic in their adverstising in ads with clippings of Telstra price increases with the slogan "Not what Australians need right now" underneath.

Maybe we could start a thread for people to post examples of crisis advertising they have seen.


  1. I saw a restaurant in Subiaco advertising 'recession' lunches - a mere $50 for the three courses. Such frugality!

  2. That's the Western suburbs for you Sky ;-)