Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Meltdown: How to save jobs and the environment

Lately, Bluestocking has been discussing projects that explore positive community responses to the economic crisis. Hopefully we'll have something in the works soon, but until then we're going to try to keep you abreast of other events and projects that explore the issue. Meltdown is a forum run by Perth's Socialist Alliance:

How to save jobs and the environment

The economic crisis sweeping the globe raises the spectre of mass unemployment on a scale we haven’t seen for a long time. Already people are losing their jobs in WA. At the same time we face an environmental emergency that demands urgent action.

This forum will discuss pro-worker and pro-environment solutions.

Sam Wainwright (Socialist Alliance candidate for Fremantle)
Adele Carles (Greens candidate for Fremantle)

6.30pm Wed April 22
Fremantle Education Centre
Cantonment St (next to Clancy's)
Entry by donation.
Ph 0412 751 508 or

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  1. I hope that any "pro-worker" solutions that we choose to promote will also be "pro-business". After all, workers are paid by successful businesses, and only find themselves out of work when their employers' business fails.

    When the economy is booming, workers' salaries and conditions are also up.

    It would be sad if an economic downturn led to an "us-and-them" class war, where one group in society worried only about their own situation while ignoring the situation of others....