Saturday, December 28, 2013

Labour Rights in the Electronics Industry

The Asia Monitor Resource Centre has published a new book, Labour Rights in the High Tech Electronics Industry:
Case Studies of Workers' Struggles in Samsung Electronics and its Asian Suppliers.  

The book is a great complement to the Bluestocking Institute's book, Lessons for Social Change in the Global Economy: Voices from the Field, which includes a chapter from AMRC's Sanjiv Pandita and Fahmi Panimbang.

Here's a description of the book from the AMRC website:

Labour Rights in the High Tech Electronics Industry describes the struggles of workers fighting for their basic rights in the electronics industry with a focus on the operations of Samsung Electronics and its Asian suppliers, including those in South Korea, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan. It also discusses the overall situation of the electrical appliance and electronics industries in Japan where workers have been hit hard by factories relocations.

This book is dedicated to all workers who have lost their lives in struggles for their rights, and to those who have suffered due to occupational diseases and industrial accidents in South Korea and many other places in Asia and beyond, and to victims who have died due to cancer from working in electronic factories. This book also salutes the survivors and their families, who struggle every day for justice.

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