Sunday, July 3, 2011

Practical Ethics

Hello all,

I'm new to your group, and I'm excited to get involved! Sky, Claire, and I are organizing monthly get togethers for ethical living. As someone who tries to live ethically, it sometimes gets very depressing to learn more about an issue (green travel? buying fairtrade food?) and discover that I've been Doing It All Wrong.

In order to focus on the positive things we can (and do!) do and the practical side of living ethically, we've created the group Practical Ethics to take field trips around the Perth region and encourage a more sustainable lifestyle for everyone who wants to feel nice about the things they're trying to change.

As the first in our Practical Ethics field trips, we're visiting the urban farm City Farm Saturday, 9 July at 9 am, located right behind the Claisebrook train station. We'll visit their mostly organic farmer's market and have a look at their organic growing practices and free range animals, then enjoy some snacks and discussion after. Please join us! If you are interested in coming, we've got a facebook group or you can get in touch with me, Sky, or Claire for more details!



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